bicycle parking garage

bachelor's thesis

As part of the design studio designing a bicycle parking garage at Aachen main station, concepts were to be developed on 1. how to improve the parking situation for bicycles 2. how the parking situation for bicycles can be improved 3. how cycling in Aachen can be made more interesting, especially for the many rail commuters from the surrounding area.

Searching for a parking bracket, a traffic sign, or a lamppost in order to park your bicycle in a theft-proof manner is very difficult. This problem is noticeable around public buildings and at railway stations. It is especially in the vicinity of such places that it makes sense to offer an enhanced infrastructure for bicycles’ safe and weatherproof parking.


automated parking

* ratio of parking space to traffic area
higher parking density compared to conventional parking facilities
no more endless searching
no wrong parking and higher safety

the shell

shape genesis

train station expansion
extension to the square
clear connection and joint to the station

the building

floor plan

first floor with zoning
upper floor with parking spaces

gondel prototype

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manual instruction

how to park your bike



color scheme
towards the station entrance
east entrance
south entrance from square